Only a few of the aircraft types, which have been used during the history of commercial air travel, have been preserved in the Finnish aviation museums: Douglas DC-3, Lockheed Lodestar and Convair 440 Metropolitan. There are no commercial jet liners in the museums, nor on their yards.

This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been attempts to get some: a Caravelle and a DC-9 have been under investigation. All projects have failed for some reason or another.

Only a few former Finnair aircraft from the 1960s and 1970s still exist. It is very expensive to bring a non-airworthy aircraft from a distant country and there are only a couple airworthy alternatives.

This is why this unique opportunity of bringing to Finland an aircraft, which has not been used by a Finnish airline but is of the same type as Aero Oy’s first Caravelles from 1960-1964 can’t be ignored. It is also significant how close this aircraft is, at Arlanda in Stockholm, and how easily it can be transported to Finland.