Project in a nutshell

The project aims to move the SE-DAF, now owned by Aviation Museum Society Finland, from Arlanda airport by ferry and by road to Finland, restore it into the 1963 appearance and place it on display in Finland at a location which acknowledges its value.

In the first phase the aircraft will be dismantled for transport at Arlanda. The wings will have to be disassembled from the fuselage, the engine cowlings and stabilizers dismantled. The wing halves will have to be unfastened and, most likely, the wings will have to be dismantled further so that they can be transported in pieces which are less than 6 metres wide.

The scheduling of the first phase depends greatly on the development of the Covid19-pandemic in Finland and in Sweden. At the moment the aim is to transport the aircraft to Finland during the summer 2022.

In the second phase of the project the aircraft will be restored and painted into the appearance of 1963. The place where the restoration work will be done is not yet known.

In the third phase of the project the aircraft will be placed on display at Turku airport, near the passenger terminal.