Dismantling the Caravelle, transporting it to Finland, restoring it and exhibiting it will require a lot of voluntary work, active air history enthusiasts. In the three-phase project’s first phase it is important to find the members for the technical team, which will dismantle the aircraft at Arlanda before transportation. If you are interested, contact us!

Project management

Project director Janne Salonen p. 050 529 1135, janne.salonen(at)imy.fi

Technical issues Raimo Korpi p. 019 663 1932, raimo.korpi(at)cromax.fi

Public relations Reino Myllymäki p. 044 306 3954, reino.myllymaki(at)tuottavaksi.fi

Sponsor contacts Marcus Borgström p. 0400 482 911, marcus.borgstrom(at)kolumbus.fi