A project made possible by volunteers

The Caravelle-project is managed and run by the volunteers of Aviation Museum Society Finland. It can be estimated that by early November 2023 about 50–60 people have participated so far in the Caravelle project. Some of them have joined the team of volunteers for a single effort (such as the disassembling or polishing), others working on the project almost daily for about two years. Warm thanks to all of them, without volunteers this project would never have been possible.

In the early phases of the project Janne Salonen, the chairman of Aviation Museum Society Finland had a key role together with the seven members of the Society’s board, who have supported and promoted the Caravelle project all along, without reserve.

The technical team is led by former Finnair mechanics Markku Ahokoski, Kari Nyman and Martti Saarinen. Ismo Matinlauri’s role in the team has included recruiting the team of volunteers in Turku, coordinating the restoration work, and taking care of all kinds of fixing and acquisition tasks. During the project several people, many of them former technical staff from Finnair, have participated in solving technical problems and dismantling or restoration work. Furthermore, at Arlanda a group of enthusiastic volunteers participated in the disassembly work.

About fifteen members have been active in the Turku team, doing restoration work. Many of them are former technical staff members from Finnair, others have different backgrounds. Team spirit and humour, as well taking pride in being involved have been characteristic for the Turku team.

In early June 2023 the assembly team, consisting of eight members, assembled the Caravelle at Turku airport in less than a week. The Turku team completed the work and finalized the Caravelle for display before the Turku Airshow in mid-June. Their work continued in August after a summer break.

In addition to the technical team, several information officers, bloggers, translators, and photographers have been involved in the project. Their task has been to distribute information and photographs to the aviation history enthusiast in Finland and abroad.

Project management

Project director Janne Salonen p. 050 529 1135, janne.salonen(at)imy.fi

Technical issues Raimo Korpi p. 019 663 1932, raimo.korpi(at)cromax.fi

Public relations Reino Myllymäki p. 044 306 3954, reino.myllymaki(at)tuottavaksi.fi

Sponsor contacts Marcus Borgström p. 0400 482 911, marcus.borgstrom(at)kolumbus.fi